Call for Papers

Call for papers is now closed!

ORABA accepts submissions for papers, symposia and posters for the 2018 Conference. Please read the information below and then fill out the Submission Form below or email for questions or information.

Types of presentations


  • PAPERS are oral presentations given in 25- or 50-minute durations. 25-minute paper presentations will be grouped together to form 50- or 80-minute paper sessions around similar topics and a CHAIR will be assigned by the Program Committee reviewers to preside over the paper session (this is often one of the presenting authors).  The chair will be assigned to introduce speakers, keep time, and act as a main communicator between the program committee and co-authors.  There is not a discussant for paper sessions or paper presentations. Papers may not be accepted at the same duration in which they were submitted (e.g., a 50-minute paper may be accepted as a 25-minute paper and a 50-minute paper may be requested by peer reviewers to be expanded into an 80-minute presentation). In the event that the description of the submission better meets the definition of another type of presentation (i.e., a panel), a paper session may be accepted in a different format (e.g., a paper may be accepted as a panel or poster).  Submitters agree to these terms when submitting paper presentations and will be notified of such decisions upon completion of peer reviews. Any author intending to speak must be marked as a PRESENTING AUTHOR.
  • SYMPOSIA consist of several speakers addressing a very similar topic. A SYMPOSIUM is organized by the Chair of the session who is typically not a presenter of one of the papers. This differs from a paper session in that it features a Discussant—a person who is prominent in the field or an expert in the area. The discussant is also not one of the presenters. Questions from the audience are addressed at the end of the Symposium and commented upon by the Discussant.

The symposium’s chair is responsible for submitting all of the required information including title, discussant name, summary abstract, abstracts for each paper, contact information for each presenter, and CVs for the chair, discussant and any certified presenters.

  • POSTERS are visual presentations of primarily data-based information in an attractive, easily understood format. The advantage of a poster is that it provides face-to-face interaction with the author(s). Posters should fit a 4′ x 4′ area. Posters must be presented on tri-fold boards. The presenters are asked to be present for the first 45-50 minutes to answer any questions or to more fully describe their work. Poster presentations offer a great opportunity to share their research, receive feedback on ideas, and network with others.  Annual Poster Awards are bestowed in the categories of “Best Overall”, “Most Socially Significant”, and “Best Research Design”. Posters are not eligible for continuing education credits.
Type of Submission Chair Discussant Number of Presenters Learning Objectives Duration(s)
Paper No No 1+ (1 paper) 3 25*, 50 or 80 minutes
Paper Session Yes No 2+ 3 50 or 80 minutes
Symposium  Yes Yes 3+ 3 50 or 80 minutes
Poster *Entire Session No *Authors 0 Lunch- 90 minutes


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