Why become an ORABA member?

f To support community education

ORABA hosts quarterly meetings with expert guest speakers who educate our community on important topics in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Your membership fees allow us to reserve meeting rooms, compensate our speakers, and provide continuing education credits to attendees. ORABA hosts yearly supervision training workshops and provides guidance to students seeking certification or degrees in ABA.

Every Certified Member will receive credit for two free CEUs, to use at any of our quarterly presentations during active membership.

o To create a strong professional network

Your membership strengthens communication and collaboration between providers and consumers of ABA-based practices. ORABA members will receive the latest news on public policies affecting ABA practitioners and consumers, and have opportunities to advocate for their interests in new and emerging policies that affect how ABA-based therapies are practiced in Oregon. ORABA members take an active role in legislative issues affecting our practice and consumers, attending legislative sessions and serving on committees. ORABA quarterly meetings regularly include town hall discussions and workgroups to share information about legislative and insurance issues and promote collaboration among providers.

How do I become an ORABA member?

Membership follows the calendar year. If you sign up at or after our last quarterly meeting of the year (typically in October), your membership will be good through the following calendar year. Please click the button for the membership type that fits you best. You will be taken to PayPal, where you can pay securely for your annual membership via major credit cards, your bank account, or an e-check. If you prefer to pay by check, you may mail a check to:

Oregon Association for Behavior Analysis
4724 SW Macadam Avenue
Portland, OR 97239

After completing this process, you will automatically be directed to an ORABA membership form where you can register for our practitioner directory and our member email list. (Please take a few minutes to fill out the form. Providing ORABA with your membership data helps us to offer professional support and workshops that match your needs and interests and we’ll need your permission to add to you our email list.)

Recurring Membership is automatically renewed via PayPal once per year on the date you sign up.Please consider signing up for recurring membership. This guarantees your membership benefits, saves ORABA volunteers time, and gives us a steadier budget from which to work.

Single Year Membership is good through 12/31 of the current year, or the following year if you join after 9/1

Business Single Year Membership gives a $10 discount to employees of companies with ORABA Business memberships, who are listed in our  Practitioner Directory.

Individual Membership

BACB® Certified – $60/year

A BACB Certified member is certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB) as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA), and who works full- or part-time in behavior analysis.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership


Professional – $60/year

A Professional Member holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field, who works full- or part-time in behavior analysis. Examples: An interventionist with a BA in education, or a paraprofessional with a BA in psychology working in an ABA classroom.

Recurring Membership          Single Year Membership


Student/RBT/RBAI – $30/year

A Student/RBT/RBAI member is enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree in behavior analysis (or an affiliated degree), in required coursework for BACB® certification standards, or working as an RBT or RBAI. Verification of student status must be provided by the student and by an administrator at the home institution. Examples: A student enrolled in an Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT) training program, enrolled in coursework to fulfill BCBA certification requirements, or working towards an MA with a major/minor in ABA, someone working as a Behavior Analysis Interventionist registered through the BARB in Oregon.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership


Associate – $30

An Associate holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field other than behavior analysis, and works full- or part-time in a field other than behavior analysis. Examples: A special education teacher, a 1:1 paraprofessional working in a third-grade classroom, an occupational therapist, or a licensed professional counselor.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership 


Affiliate – $30/year

An Affiliate is interested in behavior analysis but does not qualify for the other membership categories. Examples: A consumer of ABA services, or a family member of a person who has received ABA services.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership


Business Membership

This membership level includes full annual membership for a specific number of BACB Certified or Professional members, and includes a discount of $10 off any membership for business employees who join, making it $50/Certified and only $20 for students/RBTs.  This can be a great benefit to offer employees that helps expand the active ABA community and makes it easier for interventionists to access workshops, seek mentors, find out about certification and licensure, and share their voice with the community. Business memberships include these additional features:

  • highlighted in our Provider Directory (accessed by consumers, agencies, doctors and ABA providers looking to make referrals)
  • included in our “Featured Provider” posts
  • The business may share 3 updates or events a year via the ORABA mailing list/calendar. This is a great way to inform the BA world about upcoming fundraisers, opening an office, company mergers, or a new service you are offering consumers.
  • Post ABA job ads on our Employment Page

If you are a company owner or sole practitioner and would like to sign up for ORABA company membership, please choose the appropriate category below based on the number of employees the business has and then direct your employees to use the business buttons to sign up for an individual membership. Membership tiers are based on the number of employed BCBAs, BCaBAs, BCBA-Ds, RBTs or BAIs within the entire organization, including out-of-state/country employees.

If you are a current employee of a company with a business membership, please sign up with the buttons at the bottom of the page, and include the name of the company in the payment notes in PayPal.

Tier 1 – $120/year

Tier 1 Businesses have 1-25 employees and membership includes 2 complementary memberships at the Certified or Professional Level and $10 off additional employee memberships of any type.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership


Tier 2 – $240/year

Tier 2 Businesses have 26-50 employees and membership includes 4 complementary memberships at the Certified or Professional Level and $10 off additional employee memberships of any type.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership


Tier 3 – $360/year

Tier 3 Businesses have 51+ employees and membership includes 6 complementary memberships at the Certified or Professional Level and $10 off additional employee memberships of any type.

Recurring Membership           Single Year Membership

Membership for employees of existing business members

These memberships have a $10 discount thanks for your employers. Please make sure to let us know what company you are working for.

Business – Certified Member

Single Year Membership

Business – Student/RBAI/RBT Member

Single Year Membership

Business – Affiliate/Associate Member

Existing business member name


We welcome any donations toward our goal of strengthening communication and collaboration in our community of providers and consumers of ABA-based practices. You may make a single donation or sign up for a recurring monthly donation. After you have completed your payment, you can print a donation receipt from the confirmation page.
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