OIT conducts research on Behavior Analysis practices

Oregon Tech faculty and colleagues are conducting a survey on behavior analysis practices. The survey seeks to identify the common processes used by practicing behavior analysts to solve clinical problems. The purpose of this survey is to inform the development of practical experience opportunities for students that will best prepare students to successfully work in applied settings after they have graduated and obtained certification.

If you decide to participate in this 10-15 min research study, you will be asked to respond to several demographic and experience-related questions and then no more than 11 questions about the steps you take when addressing novel clinical problems. There are opportunities for you to comment or add additional information to restricted choice questions, however, this is not required.

All responses will be anonymous. Participation in this survey does not involve more than minimal risk. Benefits for participation may include a contribution to the field in the form of academic and experience programs focused on developing more highly qualified practitioners in the future and the potential to re-evaluate some of your own current clinical practices.

Please use the link below to access this survey. We appreciate your time and thank you.