ABA Research Options in Oregon

Option 1

This first opportunity involves helping to conduct research in Dr. Suzanne Mitchell’s lab at OHSU.

To find out more about Dr. Mitchell, please click on the following link:


According to Dr. Mitchell, her research focuses on the following:

  • Individual differences in how we’re discounting all sorts of costs and gains and losses
  • Psychological processes and neural processes underlying these differences
  • How do those differences relate to wellness and psychopathology

We currently have 2 active studies. One examines delay discounting in rats, and seeks to create genetically selected lines of high and low discounting rats and better understand the genetics of discounting and how those differences result in neural differences that in turn influence behavior. The other project is developing a task to assess effort discounting and determining whether individuals diagnosed with specific psychopathologies (ADHD currently) discount more/less than healthy controls.

Should you be interested in this first option, please contact Dr. Mitchell using the following information:

  • Email: mitchesu@ohsu.edu
  • Work phone: 503-494-1650

Option 2