As ORABA grows, we are beginning to form committees and programs related to various behavior analytic issues in the state. We would love to have your participation! Please read about the committees below and fill out the form if you would like to participate.


Conference Committee This group organizes our yearly ABA conference (in October) and includes planning all aspects of the event (theme, guest speakers, location, food, sponsors, parent and student opportunities, materials, brochure, CEU setup, etc.) It meets approximately once a month via ZOOM!

ABA in Schools Committee This group is working to help Oregon public schools gain access to ABA providers and support for students and teachers currently receiving ABA services, as well as participating in local collaboration groups and assisting with the creation of formal procedures related to ABA in schools.

Legislative Committee This group is working on legal issues related to the regulation of the practice of ABA in the state.

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ABA Ambassadors program

This program aims to disseminate information about ABA to relevant groups outside our field, with a set introduction to ABA that can be presented to any group followed by a short presentation about the application of ABA relevant to that group. We are working on materials and selecting target audiences right now and would love your assistance. If you are interested in either preparing materials or presenting to audiences, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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