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This list includes the Business and Individual members who have elected to be part of this directory. There are other providers in the areas that are not listed here. To look for services in other areas of the state or beyond this list, please see the BACB website’s Find a Certificant feature. 

Disclaimer: ORABA does not guarantee or endorse the providers or services listed here, nor do we guarantee that providers are up-to-date on their licensure or certification.You can check on any provider’s status at the BACB and Oregon Health Licensing Office.

BCBA = Board Certified Behavior Analyst
BCaBA = Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
LBA = Licensed Behavior Analyst (Oregon state)
LAB = Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst (Oregon State)

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BUSINESS MEMBERS – Portland-Vancouver Area

Anchor Academy (formerly AKA Consulting)

Alice Keyl Austin, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA (owner)

11481 SW Hall Blvd. Suite 104
Portland, OR 97223
Phone: (971) 258-5555

Ages served: 2-5

Read More about Anchor Academy

Anchor Academy is a comprehensive, early intervention program rooted in applied behavior analysis. We are a local, Oregon-based company that started in 2011 under the name AKA Consulting. In 2017, we expanded to a commercial space, allowing us to serve more children at a central location.

Anchor Academy also serves as a practicum site for Oregon Tech graduate students pursuing BACB® certification and state licensure as behavior analysts. Our behavior technicians have daily oversight by Board Certified Behavior Analysts which allows us to maintain high levels of integrity and to address our clients’ needs immediately.

Building Bridges: Behavioral Interventions for Young Children

Emily Hoyt, MA, BCBA (Co-owner)
Beth Mishler, MA, BCBA (Co-owner)

4724 SW Macadam Avenue
Portland, OR 97239
Phone: (503) 235-3122

Ages served: 2-9

Read More about Building Bridges

Building Bridges was established in Portland, Oregon in 2000 by Elizabeth Mishler and Emily Hoyt. Together they have grown the business from a small, home-based therapy service, to the highly respected clinic it is today. Building Bridges is committed to excellence in scientifically-based interventions to help young children with autism spectrum disorders become happy, social, communicative people in the home, classroom, and community. We exceed state standards for treatment quality and interventionist supervision.

Building Bridges also maintains close relationships with several universities in the Portland area. We are a practicum site for graduate students of Pacific University’s Counseling Psychology program, and graduate students of Oregon Institute of Technology’s Applied Behavior Analysis program.

The majority of our RBIs have master’s degrees and many years of experience in the field. Our RBIs are highly educated, dedicated, responsible, compassionate people. Our standards are much higher than those mandated by the state. We believe top quality interventionists lead to superior patient outcomes.

Behavioral Learning Network (BLN) Portland

Sydney Singer, M.S., BCBA, LBA (Clinical Director)

1827 NE 44th Ave Suite 390
Portland, OR 97213

Cell: 310-883-8607
Fax: 310-993-4134
Toll Free: 888-233-9555

Ages served: Birth-Adults

Read More about Behavioral Learning Network

Behavioral Learning Network (BLN) was founded in 2013 to help meet the growing need for quality behavior intervention services for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. BLN offers a continuum of behavior intervention services from assessment and consultation to full treatment models in the home, community or school setting. All of BLN’s services are based on the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and all services are provided by a caring and supportive team member extensively trained in ABA.

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)

Alicia Like, BCBA, LBA (Regional Manager)

5801 NW Cornelius Pass Road
Hillsboro, OR 97214
Phone: (503) 254-6317 x2438

Read More about CARD

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is among the world’s largest and most experienced autism treatment providers and the third largest non-governmental organization in the United States contributing to autism research. CARD was founded in 1990 by leading autism expert and clinical psychologist Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA-D.

CARD diagnoses, assesses, and treats individuals of all ages who are affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at treatment centers throughout the United States and around the globe. CARD treats individuals with ASD using the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is empirically proven to be the most effective method for treating individuals with ASD and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Surgeon General.

Compassionate Therapy for Autism LLC

Roxana Nedelcu, PhD., LBA, BCBA

6124 SE Milwaukie Ave, Room 205 ,Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (347) 707-6610

Ages Served: 2 – 14

Read More about CARD

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is among the world’s largest and most experienced autism treatment providers and the third largest non-governmental organization in the United States contributing to autism research. CARD was founded in 1990 by leading autism expert and clinical psychologist Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA-D.

CARD diagnoses, assesses, and treats individuals of all ages who are affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at treatment centers throughout the United States and around the globe. CARD treats individuals with ASD using the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is empirically proven to be the most effective method for treating individuals with ASD and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Surgeon General.

Discovery Behavior Solutions (DBS)

Carla-Marie Myers, BCBA, LBA (owner)

8019 NE 13th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 97214
Phone: (360) 984-3131

Ages served: Birth-Adolescent

Read More about DBS

At Discovery Behavior Solutions, our mission is to provide positive, safe, and effective ABA services, including ABA therapy, behavior consultation and training, to improve the quality of life for the individuals we work with. DBS strives to be supportive, non-judgmental, and caring to the families, caregivers, school staff, and other members of the community that the individual lives with. All methods and strategies implemented utilize evidence-based practices from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

FIT Learning (FIT)

Donny Newsome, BCBA-D (owner)

15110 SW Boones Ferry Road, Suite #230
Vancouver, WA 97214
Phone: (503) 305-6599

Ages served: 5-10

Read More about Fit Learning

Fit Learning is a network of affiliated private learning laboratories and our noble cause is to transform the way education works on the planet. At Fit we bring the scientific method to the educational process at the individual level. Each student enrolled in Fit Learning is his or her own case study and receives 1:1 instruction with fully individualized curriculum. Globally, the Fit Learning Model produces a year or more of academic growth in about 40 hours. We work with all sorts of students and our mission is to transform the learning abilities of all children who walk through our doors such that they achieve greatness in their communities and beyond.

Footprints Behavioral Interventions

Corey Stump, MA, BCBA, LBA (Clinical Director)

3535 N Lombard St., Portland, OR 97217
1174 Cornucopia St. NW, Salem, OR 97304
15640 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Ste. 106-155, Vancouver, WA 98662

Phone: 503-395-5362
Fax: 949-253-4627

Ages served: 3-Adolescents

Read More about Footprints

Footprints Behavioral Interventions offers comprehensive services to individuals with autism and related disorders from infancy to adulthood. Our behavioral programs are implemented through a combination of structured and goal-oriented, play-based teaching interactions.

A Hope for Autism Foundation

Robbin Sobotka-Soles, BCaBA, LAB (Executive Director)

2120 SW Jefferson Street, Suite #B200
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 244-4083

Ages served: Birth – Age 10

Read More about AHFA

We serve the community by providing evidence-based treatment to kids with ASD to help them reach his or her highest potential, regardless of their caregiver’s financial situation or insurance plan.

A Hope For Autism Foundation (AHFA) is a highly respected and supported non-profit organization providing behavioral therapy for children with autism and related disorders. AHFA was founded in 2009 by parents and professionals to provide quality educational and behavioral support for children with autism and related disorders and their families, create a pool of well-trained home interventionists and school personnel that serve children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and increase community awareness about ASD and applied behavior analysis (ABA).

In 2013 the Hope For Kids Project center based program was founded with a focus on specialized instruction that optimizes learning across all settings. The Early Social Learners program was launched in 2014. This program is an extension of a successful pilot study conducted by Robbin Sobotka-Soles (2008-2012). Our Early Social Learners group incorporates a developmental approach of understanding perspective and social thinking concepts as well as individualized instruction for each unique child we work with.

AHFA uses internationally recognized methods of treatment to impact children’s lives and to assist and educate the community about this increasing diagnosis. AHFA is built on the foundation of providing individualized therapy and education for children with autism and related disorders and their families, and promoting awareness of autism in the community. Therefore, within each child specific program, we may utilize a variety of treatment techniques under the umbrella of ABA to ensure the most effective of learning environments, as well as to promote the generalization of necessary and functional skills.

Our approach to working with children is rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis and includes (but is not limited to) discrete trial teaching, applied verbal behavior, natural environment teaching, direct instruction, and precision teaching (fluency based instruction). We believe that parent involvement and teaching in a natural environment should be a part of every child’s program.

Intercare Therapy

Arnon Heller, Psy.D (Owner)
Alexandra Chehab, BCBA, LBA (Clinical Director)

4350 Galewood Drive, Suite 110
Lake Oswego, OR, 97035
Phone: (503) 750-2654

Ages served: Birth – Adulthood

Read More about Intercare Therapy

Intercare Therapy is a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and evidence-based
services. For 40 years, our family-owned business has been guided by our founding principles of
customization, communication, collaboration and compassion. Together, we empower our client
families impacted by autism, and other special needs, with the tools to maintain success and thrive
independently. We support our families, clients and caregivers to obtain and maintain growth and
behavior-change, across a variety of settings: home, the community, and school. Our clinicians work
diligently to decrease challenging behaviors and teach new skills to increase desired behavior. Examples
of targeted skills include, but are not limited to: challenging behavior, socialization, community
integration, communication, daily living, and leisure skills. We provide the following services: Direct
Instruction, Direct Supervision, Parent Training, School Observation, Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
or 504-Plan Collaboration, and Ongoing Consultation.

Kids Overcoming, Inc (KOI)

Erica Holding, BCaBA, LBA (Co-owner)
Matt McAlear, BCBA, LBA (Co-owner)

1675 SW Marlow Ave, Suite 204
Portland, OR 97225
Phone: (971) 248-2395

Ages served: Birth – Adolescents

Read More about KOI

KOI provides Behavioral Health Services for children from initial diagnosis through early adolescent years diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Our team focuses on evidence-based interventions, based in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), that are proven to be effective in increasing skills of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and similar disabilities. KOI’s Behavioral Health Services follow best practice guidelines and deliver services on an individualized basis. Our Behavioral Health Services combine child-centered interventions with training parents and other loved ones to implement successful interventions outside of formal intervention.

Our Inspiration
In ancient symbolism, the koi fish represents perseverance through adversity and strength of purpose. According to traditional folklore, the strongest koi swims upstream through a series of obstacles until it reaches a final, large waterfall. Once there it vaults into the mists over the waterfall and, as a reward for its journey and efforts, becomes a glorious water dragon. Because of its strength, focus and determination to overcome obstacles, the koi represents courage and the ability to attain momentous goals.

At KOI we strive to provide each child and family we serve the same opportunity to achieve success, inspire others and fulfill one’s destiny. It was the idea of “working with the best” that drove the creation of KOI. We are a team made up of diverse expertise and experience. Our focus on our people is evident in everything we do. We are committed to providing our team with rigorous training curricula, on-going supervision and support to ensure their continued professional development. KOI is made up of people who work according to strict professional and ethical guidelines, and are exemplary in their fields. When working with KOI, you can expect the best.

Play Connections Autism Services

Melanie Shaw, MA, BCBA, LBA (Founder/Director)
Analise Herrera, BCBA, LBA
Amber Crane, BCaBA
Emilie Erickson, BCBA, LBA

1800 NW 169th Place, Bldg. 100
Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone: (503) 737-4693

Ages served: Birth-10

Read More about Play Connections

We are a dedicated group of caring ABA providers serving young children in Washington County with individualized and effective treatment programs. Our comprehensive services are provided in our centers (Beaverton and Hillsboro), homes and community settings.

Opening Doors for Children

Meghan Johns, MA, BCBA, LBA (Director)

6018 SE Stark St
Portland OR 97215
Phone: (541) 310-0232

Ages served: 3-Adolescents

Read More about Opening Doors for Children

Specializing in ABA-based Social skills groups that help children ages 3-18 learn skills to build better friendships and social experiences.

Sunderlin Behavioral Interventions

Yreka Lolli-Sunderlin, BCBA, LBA (Owner)

7140 SW Fir Loop, Suite 105
Portland, OR 97223
Phone: (971) 249-3791

Ages served: Birth – Adults

Read More about Sunderlin Behavioral Intervention

Sunderlin Behavioral Interventions, LLC maintains the philosophy that quality treatment is defined by high ethical standards and compassionate attention to detail. We believe that educating the caregiver is just as important as creating cutting edge behavioral programs for our clients. As a smaller, private agency with a great deal of experience, we are able to offer more personalized services.

Our area of expertise is to provide behavior management, by using Positive Behavior Support strategies to achieve long lasting behavior change. This evidence-based approach uses a collaborative model by combining Behavior Analysis, Person-Centered Values and Systems Change (“It takes a village…”) to enhance an individual’s quality of life.

Western Psychological & Counseling Services, PC

Amy Aadland, PsyD
Corrigan Luther, BCBA, LBA (Clinical Supervisor of ABA Services)

18765 SW Boones Ferry Rd., Suite 100
Tualatin OR 97062
Phone: (503) 737-4693

Ages served: Birth – Adolescents

Read More about WPCS

Early Intervention Program (EIP): Housed in our Tualatin, Oregon office, this program uses interventions grounded in ABA to help children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old who struggle with language, feeding, toilet training, social skills, and behavior problems.

Intensive Behavior Unit (IBU): Also housed in our Tualatin, Oregon office, this program is designed for children and teens with physically aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. This is our most intensive program for children and teens. Treatment is offered Monday through Friday. This facility is specially equipped to safely handle severe behavior. This program is best suited for individuals with social, behavioral, and/or language challenges that make it difficult to leave the home or attend school full time.

Westside Behavior Therapy

Kelsey Townsend, BCBA

1800 NW 169TH PL
Beaverton OR 97006
Phone:(503) 747-2587

Ages served: Birth – Adolescents

Read More about Westside Behavior Therapy

Our mission is to provide the evidence-based science of Applied Behavior Analysis to families in need. We are determined to create meaningful change with a lasting effect.

BUSINESS MEMBERS – Outside Portland Metro Area

Bridgeway House

Patricia Wigney (Executive Director)
Rachel White, BCBA, LBA

Mailing Address: PO Box 10639
Eugene, OR 97440

Location Address: 555 East 15th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: (541) 345-0805

Read More about Bridgeway House

Bridgeway House offers treatments, developmental therapies, enrichment courses, and support to children and families of all income levels affected by autism and related disabilities.

Cascade ABA

Jenny Fischer, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA (Owner)

PO Box 1432
Bend, OR 97709
Phone: (541) 480-2570

Read More about Cascade ABA

Cascade ABA specializes in Early Intensive ABA, and works to create positive outcomes for children with autism through evidence-based intervention.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS – Portland-Vancouver Area


Amanda Melby, BCBA, LBA (Owner)

Ages served: Toddler-early elementary

Read More about ABA PDX

In home ABA services provided directly by a BCBA, specializing in early intervention and verbal behavior.


Adventures with Autism

Samantha Parnham, BCBA, LBA (Owner)

4300 Cherry Avenue Northeast
Salem, Oregon 97303
(503) 551-4746

Ages served: Birth-Adolescents

Read More about Adventures with Autism

Adventures with Autism provides social skills groups, physical activity groups, clinic based ABA, and a variety of other activities to children and families in the Salem area.