This webinar, presented on Tuesday May 14th from 3pm-5pm PST, features Jenna Minton, Esq. discussed the 2019 CPT code changes to ABA services. In addition, Donny Jardine, Operations and Policy Analyst for Oregon Health Authority was present to discuss how these changes have affected ABA services in Oregon. It is recommended that those viewing the webinar familiarize themselves with the new codes via introductory presentations such as this one from the APBA, as Ms. Minton’s presentation is meant for an audience that is already familiar with the basics of the code changes:

Typically recordings of webinars and presentations will be available as a benefit to members only. This presentation is offered as a recording to all as we feel it’s very important for anyone providing services in our state to understand the codes properly. If you have additional questions or information, please contact Ms. Minton or Mr. Jardine at the emails provided in the webinar, or send us an email at